Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Pointrading?
  • Pointrading is a smart application that gives you a greater chance of trading your item with your own shop management method or buy item from everyone around the world easily.

What makes the difference between Pointrading and other smart platform?
  • Pointrading works with more than 500 partners working on the platform, plus various attractive promos given by Pointrading to its users and the Pointing feature of Feature Self-Management for those of you who want to open a store in Pointrading.

When I become a Pointrading user what benefits do I get?
  • You will get various attractive promos from Pointrading and partners who work together with pointrading and various features of superior features that have been prepared by Pointrading specifically for you.

How does Pointrading work?
  • With the concept offered by Trading for its users is Easy Life and Happiness. Pointrading prepares various features for connect sellers and buyers from all over the world so that there are no difficulties or limitations to transact wherever and whenever.

What happens to my account if I dont make any transactions for a long time?
  • Our security management team will maintain all data on our users.

Does the benefits I can get continue to increase if I often make transactions in pointrading?
  • We will always give attractive promos for you in your various needs.

Can I have more than one Pointrading account?
  • Pointrading user required have to have one email, mobile number and username to be valid for one Pointrading user.

How do I top-up points in Pointrading?
  • Pointrading has various purchase point methods, currently Pointrading accepts crypto currency payments such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. You only need to enter the number of points you want to buy and select the purchase method, then you can send the amount that must be paid to the wallet address that we provide. if you have sent the amount that must be paid to our wallet address, you are required to check according to the amount you sent.

Could there be a failure when top-up?
  • Pointrading provides a predetermined time limit when you top up. You are required to check after you send the amount that must be paid. failure may occur when you do not ship to the address that we have provided or you do not check after you make the payment.

What is the conversion value of points against several currencies used to purchase points?
  • Pointrading sets the conversion value through the international currency, USD. the conversion value of USD is 1 Point = 0.2 USD.

Can I purchase points with the amount that I want?
  • Pointrading gives you the opportunity to purchase points as you wish with a minimum purchase amount of 50 Points.

Are there minimum and maximum numbers in top-up points?
  • You can do a Top-up in Pointrading with a minimum of 50 points.

What should i do if i want to make a sale in Pointrading?
  • You can contact our support center by e-mail that we have prepared to register yourself as a member of our work partners.

Are there specific terms and conditions for making sales at pointrading?
  • Pointrading offers self-management features for each of its partners and Pointrading has prepared special terms and conditions for its partners for the sake of Pointrading user security.

How long does it take to make a purchase?
  • The product purchase process in Pointrading, you begin by booking the product that you have selected in just a few seconds and then just waiting for the shipping process from our partners.

If I make a product purchase transaction, will I get a bonus every time I make a transaction?
  • Giving bonuses is the policy of each our partners.

Can I transfer points that I have bought to others?
  • You can transfer to other users through the Transfer menu that we have provided.

Can I pay for another user's product purchase transaction?
  • Product payment is only for products that you buy by yourself.

Is there a maximum number of transactions that I can do within one day?
  • Pointrading has set your transaction limit, the normal transaction limit that has been set by Pointrading is 50 Transactions for 1 month. If you feel that it does not meet your needs, you can upgrade the transaction limit by purchasing the package that we have provided in the pricing menu.